Terms & Conditions - Children

To sign up for one of our 2022 Youth Summer Spanish Camps, we need to receive a completed Registration form and a deposit of 25% or 50% of the entire amount. Reservations will not be secured until the deposit has been received. Please check the specific payment and cancellation policies above for exact timetables and payment amounts.

The airline ticket to Costa Rica is not included in the camp price. The only exception to this is our Teen Long Term Discount. Most airlines require that students 14 years of age and younger traveling by themselves participate in the unaccompanied minor program. This is an additional service, and the charge can be between $95 and $150 each way. This UMP price is never a part of any camp price, including the Free Airline Ticket Discount and is paid by the parent. Students 15 years and older are generally not considered minors and thus, the un- accompanied minor program is not mandatory, but may be elected. It is the parent’s responsibility to check all applicable rules that apply to their child while traveling abroad.


Travel Assistance:

Our camp partners at Explornatura are a full-service travel and tour company in Costa Rica. They provide all of our clients with logistical support, tour advice, travel arrangements and vacation itineraries. They will contact you directly upon your registration in our camps and can assist you with all of your travel needs. However, we highly recommend contacting them directly and in advance with questions and concerns about your trip. Their email address is: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

At this point Costa Rica is open and we plan on doing our Summer Camps in 2022. We will follow all health and safety directives from the Costa Rican Ministry of Health, and we will limit the number of students and interactions with staff in as safe a way as possible. However, we have learned the hard way that we do not know what the future will hold or how soon we will be back to normal. Because of this, everything above, including start dates, program and camp options and refunds maybe changed, depending on situations that are out of our control. Please be willing to be flexible and work with us on any changes or cancellations. We will continue to keep you all informed and make sure that we are as transparent as possible in our deliberations and decisions.


Payment and Cancellation Policies

At the time of registration, 50% of the entire amount of your camp, services and lodging total is due. The other 50% is due 8 weeks prior to your start date. Included in your total price and as a part of the initial 50% deposit is a non-refundable $200 registration fee that is included in all camp prices and is not in addition to. This is per/person and per/on-campus lodging reservation. If you need to cancel your program, for ANY REASON including Covid-19, more than 8 weeks prior to your start date, ISLS-Explornatura will refund 100% of the balance of the deposit MINUS the $200 registration fees. After the 8-week mark and the payment of the entire balance owed, until the start date of your camp/program/lodging, ISLS-Explornatura will refund 50% of the total amount received, minus all $200 registration fees. After your start date, there is NO refund whatsoever of the total amount paid to ISLS-Explornatura. If you choose this policy, we highly recommend that you purchase Trip Cancellation Insurance. To reiterate- all discounts listed above are available to you, PLUS you can pay with a credit card without a processing fee, or by check, Venmo, and Bank Transfer.

Change fees Policy

Camp, Program and Lodging Change PolicyFor the Family Spanish camp there is a $100/family fee. For our Teen Spanish Camps, there is a $50/student fee. For our Adult Spanish Programs, there is a $25/student change fee. *All changes are subject to availability. Change fees are charged at the time of the change and if you end up canceling your program, camp, lodging or services with us, these change fees are NOT refundable under any circumstances, including Covid-19.


Payment of Refunds

If you end up having to cancel with us, there are several options for repayment of the refund amount. You can choose between the following:

• Cash Payment – You will be issued a check made out for the total refund amount within 90 days of the cancellation date.

• Online Spanish Lessons – You can choose to switch your refund amount to Online Spanish Lessons with our Costa Rican Teachers.

• Postpone your Reservation – You can choose to postpone your reservation in lieu of a cash payment. Your refund will be credited to any of our in-person Spanish programs in Playa Tamarindo within one calendar year.